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    January 7, 2021

    Environmental Sustainability

    Carbon footprint and environmental sustainability are more than just buzz words around our shop.
    We devote our organization towards a healthier environment. It isn’t a tricky decision. We’re a team full
    of avid campers, hikers, sport fishers, and overall, we’re passionate about the outdoors.

    One Tree At A Time

    In 2020, with thanks to our clients and friends, we worked with the National Forest Foundation to plant 1,126 trees. These trees will do their best to improve our environment by absorbing carbon dioxide, producing oxygen, improve soil health, cool overheated areas, and retain water.

    Improving our forests one tree at a time is something we’ll always support. If we can help make the world healthier and a little cleaner just by a sliver, all the effort is worth it. 

    Carbon Offsetting

    Planting trees is not our first or only initiative. For a while now, we’ve tried to become a paperless shop. It’s kind of a challenging goal, but we’ll get there. We’ll also continue our sustainability efforts by continuing to recycle materials and other shop related waste responsibly. As a bonus and no expense to you, we carbon offset shipments when shipping on our account at no cost to clients. 

    See The Forest From The Trees

    We’re not an organization that can’t see the forest from the trees. Our actions can have a global impact. Although there may still be a lot to do, we’re proud of our past efforts and future goals. 

    Reach out to us and let us know what causes you or your organization support. And please let us know how we can help.



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