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    November 19, 2023

    P-Stik: A Sky-High Innovation by Rapid Axis and Vector Dynamics

    Navigating the vast skies of the aviation industry requires not only cutting-edge technology but also seamless collaboration between innovators. In the realm of aircraft design and operations, Vector Dynamics and Rapid Axis joined forces, exemplifying the pivotal role of advanced technology. Vector Dynamics, a newcomer to the marketplace, strategically positions itself as a dedicated innovator in addressing gaps within aircraft design and operations. Vector Dynamics identified a gap in the aviation industry driven by the practical challenges of protecting sensitive pitot probes situated at an elevated position on the exterior of aircraft. Enter Rapid Axis, the partner that swiftly transformed this idea into a practical tool. From a basic sketch to a market-ready product in just 9 months, Rapid Axis played a crucial role, utilizing their expertise in prototyping and 3D printing. The result? The P-Stik is a user-friendly and efficient solution for safeguarding pilot probes.

    The Challenge: 

    Vector Dynamics faced a twofold challenge with the P-Stik project. First, there was a crucial need to protect sensitive pitot probes in the aviation industry, requiring an effective solution. However, the practicality of installing and removing covers was complicated by the probes’ high placement, inspiring the creation of the P-Stik. Additionally, Vector Dynamics had the demanding task of turning a napkin drawing into a market-ready product in just 9 months. The intricacies of the aviation industry, coupled with the need for innovative solutions, added complexity, requiring strategic navigation through unique obstacles.

    The Solution:

    From a napkin sketch to the creation of the first version, the innovative solution gained traction among colleagues. Recognizing the project’s potential, a G650 Pilot suggested engaging Rapid Axis, initiating a partnership that swiftly transformed the concept into a commercially available and marketed tool through their agile prototyping capabilities. 

    Rapid Axis played a pivotal role by connecting Vector Dynamics with a draftsman who translated the initial drawings into official designs and STEP files. The collaboration with Rapid Axis facilitated the rapid prototyping of the P-Stik. The iterative design process involved multiple adjustments and tweaks, with Rapid Axis showcasing it’s ability by swiftly producing new prototypes through advanced 3D printing.

    This accelerated development path, from the initial napkin sketch to commercially available and marketed P-Stiks, underscores the effectiveness of the partnership with Rapid Axis. Their ability to quickly iterate through design changes was instrumental in fast-tracking the project’s success. As a result, Vector Dynamics not only addressed a specific operational challenge but transformed the P-Stik from a conceptual idea into a practical, commercially available tool within a remarkably short timeframe.

    The P-Stik is a groundbreaking invention, offering an improvement over existing tools in the market. Rapid Axis is proud to have played a crucial role in elevating its design and functionality.

    image0-2 image1-1
    Initial prototype Initial 3D printed versions


    The Finished Product:

    The P-Stik represents a cutting-edge tool tailor-made for the Gulfstream G650 aircraft. It adeptly addresses the intricate task of safeguarding sensitive pitot probes, offering a streamlined approach to installing and removing protective covers. Unlike conventional methods involving cumbersome ladders or specialized tools, the P-Stik introduces a more accessible and efficient solution. Witness the exceptional performance of this innovative product in action for yourself here.

    Screen-Shot-2023-11-19-at-1.11.07-PM Screen-Shot-2023-11-19-at-1.16.26-PM

    The collaboration between Vector Dynamics and Rapid Axis has not only addressed a critical aviation challenge but has also resulted in the successful development and commercialization of the groundbreaking P-Stik. Rapid Axis, renowned for its rapid and precise engineering, played a pivotal role in this journey, showcasing our prototyping capabilities and agility. As Vector Dynamics looks forward to future endeavors, the proven partnership with Rapid Axis stands as a testament to their collective ability to overcome challenges and deliver impactful solutions to the aviation industry.

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