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    September 21, 2020

    Rapid Axis Partners with NASA on Expedited Europa Clipper Project

    It was expedited sheet metal fabrication at it’s finest when Rapid Axis was asked by a NASA department head to assist in an emergency order of engine covers for NASA’s Europa Clipper propulsion units. Project lead time was of paramount urgency while the propulsion units sat exposed to indoor elements such as air and dust.

    Jared Probst the Project Manager for NASA at Rapid Axis said “The project itself was no easy task to be delivered within the lead time requested. 7-8 business days to cut, bend, anodize and install hardware…we pulled it off but I did worry at one point we might be a day late. At the end of the day though we delivered on-time like we normally do”.

    The parts once received slid easily over their propulsion units and the bright red anodize is still shining immaculately. This is sheet metal fabrication at it’s finest and we are proud to have done the work. If you ever have a expedite request for Sheet Metal or Machining fabrication Rapid Axis is here to help.

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