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    November 8, 2022

    Rapid Axis Sponsors Berkley Combat Robotics & Team Horizon for Battle Bots Season 7

    We’re proud to announce that we’ll be featured on Season 7 of Battle Bots. That’s right, Rapid Axis is sponsoring Berkley’s Combat Robotics & Team Horizon on their latest projects. In early 2023, the Glitch Bot and Team Horizon will return to the Battle Bots arena stronger than and geared up with our very own machined components.

    About The Teams

    Untitled Design 10

    The Horizon Team is made up of 10 engineers, students, and artists with a passion for pushing the boundaries of possibility. They are Battle Bots veterans, regulars in the insect-weight divisions, and newcomers with radical ideas. They have a  combined 35+ years of competition robotics experience, 30+ tournament wins, and 50+ top-three finishes in competition. The Horizon Team is not to be underestimated.

    Horizon is a heavyweight robot designed to hit low and hard. What makes Horizon unique, however, are the horizontal discs attached to each end of the bar, which spins independently of the bar. Each disc has three teeth and is powered by dedicated motors. As the discs on either end of the AR500 steel arm spin, the arm itself will spin in the opposite direction. Horizon is gearing up to battle in the Battle Bots arena, and the team is confident in the new and improved design with the help of Rapid Axis.
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    The Berkley Combat Robotics team is a 501c3 nonprofit with over forty undergraduate members. The team has grown so much over the past year and is now competing with the same engineers they’ve watched on BattleBots for years. Combat Robotics started with a singular obsession: make a BattleBot. The team has been through countless design iterations, late nights CAD-ing, and backbreaking machining to finish their 250lb BattleBot Glitch. With its originality and ingenuity, The Glitch Bot has taken the world by storm and quickly became a BattleBots season 6 breakout rookie. The team is excited to compete in Season 7 of Battle Bots and hopefully influence young people to get involved in robotics. 

    Rapid Axis Components Featured on BattleBots

    Untitled Design 17 Mark your calendars for January 2023 and tune in to Battle Bots on the Discovery Channel or Discovery +. Watch The Glitch Bot and Horizon in action and keep your eyes peeled for Rapid Axis machined components! Rapid Axis is proud to have provided The Glitch Bot and Team Horizon with custom parts and top-notch service. We’re looking forward to seeing how our machined components perform in the Battlebots arena! If you want to find high-quality machine parts, choose Rapid Axis. Our expert machinists are here to answer your questions.  Get a free quote today to get started with us.


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